Crystals and Their Healing Powers

Our healing crystal necklaces offer many different properties and energies. Crystals are a powerful source that can help cultivate happiness, health, and love into your life. Below we discuss many various crystals and their healing powers.

Turquoise: Many individuals seek turquoise for its healing properties. Turquoise encourages open communication from within, allowing truth to come to light.

Smoky Quartz: For individuals wanting to remove negative energy from their body and life, they will often turn to smoky quartz. This stone acts as a protective shield from the negative.

Rose Quartz: After a heartbreak or if you are merely seeking personal love and transformation, turn to rose quartz to help heal your heart from within to promote self-love.

Citrine: Be present with citrine crystals. Citrine promotes positive energy and happiness. It is often associated with having feelings of motivation and encouragement.

Aventurine: Overcome doubt with help from aventurine. This crystal enhances self-confidence and optimism.

At Angels & Emeralds, we offer a wide variety of crystals that are sure to make the perfect addition to your home and jewelry. If you are interested in learning more about the different healing crystals we have available, or to place an order, contact us today at (203) 557-9266.

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