Designer’s Vision

  Michele Gramesty’s Inspiration for Angels & Emeralds™

“Wearing meaningful pieces of jewelry has always been important to me. Once I connected with Archangel Raphael, the meaning deepened and grew. I found that through my connections to the gemstones, I began to flow with a higher vibrational energy that brought healing to my life and enabled me to strengthen my intentions. Now, I choose the vibrations I wish to work with and begin affirming, believing, and attracting that which I wish to bring into my life.”

“The Angels & Emeralds jewelry I have created is not only unique and visually striking, but also brings light to the wearer. These pieces will become a part of your story, the life you are co-creating with the guidance of your Angels. You become energetically aligned with the gemstone and metal's unique vibration. You now welcome and attract all the magnificent abundance that the universe has to offer. Heaven on Earth.”



By manufacturing our jewelry in the United States, we are able to choose jewelers whose integrity, artistry, and craftsmanship are of the highest quality standards. This also provides us with the opportunity to bring work and financial growth to individuals, small businesses, and in turn, the nation.

Angels & Emeralds is a member of the Accessories Council USAMade™ initiative, and we are honored to bring these benefits to all of our business partners.

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