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Focus Inward with Meditation Chakra Stones

Meditation is a powerful technique for centering and refreshing yourself. The right crystals and stones can cleanse your spiritual energy and promote mindfulness. When you combine these two tools together, you experience an inner transformation like nothing else. Here at Angels & Emeralds, we’re pleased to offer exceptional meditation chakra stones and other products to enhance your daily journey. These stones and crystals help you focus your meditations, unblock your chakra, and rejuvenate your core. Mindful Meditations with Stones People meditate with stones in a variety of ways. It can be as simple as holding affordable healing crystals and focusing on them while doing a quick breathing exercise or as involved as placing corresponding stones on each of your seven...

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We are moving our Studio space and everything must GO! NEW Restoration Hardware Furniture Displays Vintage Designer Jewelry and Accessories Sterling Silver Samples AND MORE! WHEN: October 18th-20th 2019 WHERE: The Mill 49 Richmondville Avenue Suite 109, Westport, CT 06880 For more information call 203-557-9266

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Treat Your Loved One to Angel Wing Jewelry

What do angels represent for you? In cultures around the world, angels have long been symbols of hope and prosperity. They are heavenly messengers, bringing tidings of joy, and today, we continue to decorate our homes with their beautiful images. Now, with delicate, yet bold angel wing jewelry from Angels & Emeralds, it is easy to share the protective power of angels with all the special people in your life. Angel wing jewelry makes the perfect gift. From necklaces to bracelets, their wings are eye-catching and represent the idea of spiritual wellbeing and protection. It is one of the many reasons they make excellent gifts, especially for friends and family that share an appreciation for the celestial. For example, angel...

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Why Jewelry Makes a Great Gift

When it is time to get a gift for someone special in your life, whether it is a parent, a friend, or a significant other, it can often be challenging to decide on what they might like. Jewelry is one gift item that you almost cannot go wrong with. Below are three reasons why purchasing jewelry, such as our guardian angel wing necklace, is a great gift idea. People Do Not Often Buy it For Themselves Though many women love purchasing accessories, a piece of beautiful, high-quality jewelry is not always at the top of their list. By buying a beautiful necklace, pendant, or ring for them, it provides them with a timeless piece that they may never have owned...

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