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Treat Your Loved One to Angel Wing Jewelry

What do angels represent for you? In cultures around the world, angels have long been symbols of hope and prosperity. They are heavenly messengers, bringing tidings of joy, and today, we continue to decorate our homes with their beautiful images. Now, with delicate, yet bold angel wing jewelry from Angels & Emeralds, it is easy to share the protective power of angels with all the special people in your life. Angel wing jewelry makes the perfect gift. From necklaces to bracelets, their wings are eye-catching and represent the idea of spiritual wellbeing and protection. It is one of the many reasons they make excellent gifts, especially for friends and family that share an appreciation for the celestial. For example, angel...

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Uses for Healing Crystals

Begin your healing journey with crystals and crystal jewelry from Angels & Emeralds. Crystals offer many benefits to their users through their keen sense of power and energy. When beginning your journey with crystals, it is essential to choose your stones carefully, wash them thoroughly, and create clear intentions. Below we list many different uses for healing crystals and how you can connect with them. Meditation: Holding crystals when meditating can cause you to fall into more profound relaxation and trance. We recommend holding the crystals in both hands to extract the energy from the stones while focusing on your breathing. Carry Crystals: Carrying crystals with you in your purse or pocket will allow you to understand the energy it...

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