Uses for Healing Crystals

Begin your healing journey with crystals and crystal jewelry from Angels & Emeralds. Crystals offer many benefits to their users through their keen sense of power and energy. When beginning your journey with crystals, it is essential to choose your stones carefully, wash them thoroughly, and create clear intentions. Below we list many different uses for healing crystals and how you can connect with them.

Meditation: Holding crystals when meditating can cause you to fall into more profound relaxation and trance. We recommend holding the crystals in both hands to extract the energy from the stones while focusing on your breathing.

Carry Crystals: Carrying crystals with you in your purse or pocket will allow you to understand the energy it is giving off at all times to connect deeper with your intentions.

Yoga: Placing crystals on your mat during yoga will help to create sacred space during your workout. Crystals can also be placed on the body during poses to help connect with their energy.

Decoration: Placing crystals around your home for decorating purposes is an easy way to create a focal space in the room while also harmonizing the space’s energy.

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