Elegant Angel Wing Bracelets

Our guardian angels are always watching over us, and our angel wing bracelets embody that special connection we have with them. Standing at the core of our support system, Angels & Emeralds believe they should be recognized and celebrated as such. That’s why each of our bracelets is decorated with various gemstones for an elegant and soothing accessory. We have every confidence that you will find the right guardian angel jewelry when you browse our selection; see which gem best represents your connection to your protector.

Whether you want to wear powerful gemstones like emerald or onyx or prefer something simpler like a bangle, you can always find a sterling silver angel wing. No matter your choice, you’ll be able to symbolize the divine presence of your guardian angel in a way that is as subtle or bold as you want. If you’re unsure what the gemstones represent, you will get a quick synopsis when clicking on each picture. Our angel wing gemstones are meant to boost your protection, energy and bring you many more benefits.

The angel wing bangles come with a silver wing and a small gemstone of its own, a message, a charm, or only the angel wing. If you have any questions, contact us today to learn more about our angel wing bracelets!

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