Tiger Eye Gemstone Bracelet

Tiger Eye Gemstone Bracelet

$ 145.00

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For thousands of years, people have believed that various stones have healing energies and metaphysical properties.  Some are even believed to have protective qualities.  We have created these artisanal bracelets using such precious stones, metals and symbols.

A boost of confidence for the spirit! Handcrafted of matte Tiger Eye a powerful energy of insight, confidence, and good-fortune. Features a sterling silver angel wing and emerald for inner peace, good fortune and protection.

Measures 7”. Made in NYC. Unisex Stretch Gemstone Bracelet. 

  • Properties
  • Cleansing
  • Intention
  • Angels
  • Silver
    Need a boost? Silver is the best electrical conductor and the most reflective element. Wearing this metal will boost the properties of your gemstones, awaken and amplify the energy around you, and strengthen your intention. Silver’s reflective property will also shield you from negativity, and bring you calmness & balance.

    You will never be at a loss when wearing an emerald for it is a life-affirming stone with great integrity. The emerald is a "lucky" gem, known to bring good fortune and bestow protection. When you draw on its powers of regeneration and recovery, it can heal negative emotions, generate harmony and enhance spirituality. Emeralds open the heart chakra, stimulating kindness and understanding. They also offer protection and represent the balance between perfect Love and perfect Trust.
  • Frequent cleaning and recharging of your pieces is recommended to help them maintain their beauty and efficiency.

    Ways to Recharge Your Crystals and Gemstones

    1. Place your piece under running water for several minutes to regenerate the energy of the stone. We also recommend placing the stones in the moonlight for a few hours. However, we don’t recommend placing the piece in the sun to recharge. Sun exposure may damage the silver.

    2. Smoke your crystals and gemstones with sage. Sage is a purifier that has been used for centuries and works extremely well for clearing negative energies. Burn your sage in a bowl and hold your stones or jewelry over the smoke while setting the intention of purification.

    3. Place your stones and silver on top of an amethyst cluster overnight. The amethyst will absorb any negative energy and recharge your crystals and gemstones.

    Cleaning Your Sterling Silver
    It is important to keep your silver away from harsh creams, soaps, and salts. We recommend that when you are not wearing your jewelry, wrap it in a soft cloth and store in your Angels & Emeralds jewelry pouch. For cleaning and restoring its brilliant shine, polish it with a “soft-cloth” for silver jewelry.
  • What is your Intention? 
    Attract what you desire most by setting an intention along with your jewelry. Through the Gemstones, Crystals, and Silver, your jewelry becomes a tool to help harness the energy you need from the universe while you are wearing it. Simply state your intention aloud while putting on your jewelry. You may use the inscription on your jewelry, the affirmation card provided to you with your purchase, or you can create one for yourself! Don’t be afraid to ask for what you desire, and BELIEVE!

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