Angel Wing Bracelets & Gemstone Bracelets

Our guardian angels are at the very core of our support system, and at Angels & Emeralds, we believe they should be recognized and celebrated as such. Our elegant collection of bracelets celebrates guardian angels and our strong connection with them, throughout both happy and dark times. When you browse our selection, we are confident you will find the guardian angel jewelry that best represents the connection you have with your protector.

Choose a bangle with a sterling silver angel wing pendant, or a bracelet that is strung with powerful gemstones such as emerald or black onyx. No matter your preference, your new silver angel jewelry will be sure to beautifully symbolize the divine presence in your life. Also available are Giving Angels, which allow you to gain positive energy after you have gifted to another. Give the blessing of your choice to a loved one, and it will be returned to you.

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