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How to Activate Your Crystal Grid

Crystal grids are a beautiful and powerful way to manifest your goals and intentions. Their power is a result of the combined energies of the healing crystal stones you choose to incorporate. To learn how to create a crystal grid, please see our previous post. Once you have created a grid you are satisfied with, make sure to take a moment to admire your work! Close your eyes, take some deep breaths, and focus on your intention. The goal is to slow down and connect with your own spirit and the energy of the universe while you activate your grid. When you’re ready, open your eyes and slowly trace a line from one stone to the next. You can touch...

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How to Create a Crystal Grid

While many of us enjoy and benefit from the energy our favorite healing stones provide us with when used individually – for example, when we wear our favorite healing crystal necklace – creating a crystal grid (four or more crystals arranged in a geometric pattern) is a great way to amplify the power of your favorite crystals even further. By combining the power of multiple crystals, you can greatly strengthen your focused intention to create faster results. When creating your crystal grid, it is essential to first decide on what goals or intentions you are looking to manifest. Are you looking to decrease stress and anxiety? Do you need to boost your creativity? There are no limits to which goals...

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Why Do Angels Have Wings? What do they Symbolize?

As per the Catechism of the Catholic Church, angels are servants and messenger of God. They are beings in a higher spiritual plane who were created to watch over, protect, and guide God’s other children, including us. As powerful spiritual creatures, angels are not bound by the laws of physics, meaning they do not need wings to fly. In this case, why are angels typically depicted with wings, and what do their wings symbolize if they are not physically necessary? To many, angel wings are symbolic of the creative power of God and the way that He protects all the things He has created on this earth. In ancient Egypt, winged gods were protective gods, and they protected creatures by...

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February’s Birthstone: All about Amethyst

February’s birthstone, the purple amethyst, is recognized as the most valued type of quartz gemstone. Amethyst is one of very few crystals that are naturally violet, and few other stones are as famous or distinctive. Found inside geodes and alluvial deposits throughout the world, amethyst stones can be created in both crystalline and massive forms. In addition to violet, amethyst stones can display a range of shades including lilac, lavender, and mauve. A top-quality amethyst stone is typically a deep or medium purple with rose-colored flashes. While the amount of iron contained in the gemstone accounts for the depth of purple, many amethyst stones on the market today are heat-treated to produce an even deeper color. The healing properties of...

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Three Benefits of Drinking Crystal-Infused Water

Using crystals to enhance and vitalize water is a practice that can be dated back to the Middle Ages and Ancient Greece. A variety of fascinating blends are available from VitaJuwel, and they are based on the insights of your favorite crystal healing pendants. Here are just a few of the reasons to get in on the modernized version of this age-old tradition. Better water qualityWater actually has a huge storage capacity, and it picks up all the electromagnetic frequencies that it comes in contact with before it reaches us. Just like how food loses value when it is processed, water loses quality when it is transported through pipes and treatment plants. However, when exposed to crystals, water is revitalized...

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