How to Activate Your Crystal Grid

Crystal grids are a beautiful and powerful way to manifest your goals and intentions. Their power is a result of the combined energies of the healing crystal stones you choose to incorporate. To learn how to create a crystal grid, please see our previous post.

Once you have created a grid you are satisfied with, make sure to take a moment to admire your work! Close your eyes, take some deep breaths, and focus on your intention. The goal is to slow down and connect with your own spirit and the energy of the universe while you activate your grid.

When you’re ready, open your eyes and slowly trace a line from one stone to the next. You can touch the stones directly with your finger, or you can use a clear quartz point to amplify the energy of your grid even further. It is important to touch all of the stones without breaking the line, as this will connect them to one another (and to you). While some people prefer to trace their pattern from the outside in, others start in the middle.

When you reach the center stone of your grid, it is time to say a positive affirmation focused on your intent. For example, if you are looking for love to enter your life, you may say “My romantic life is happy, passionate and fulfilling.” Then, visualize your intention coming true.


Finally, it is important not to disassemble your grid right away. Leave your crystal grid in its sacred spot until the intention comes true (or however long as you feel you need it).

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