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February’s Birthstone: All about Amethyst

February’s birthstone, the purple amethyst, is recognized as the most valued type of quartz gemstone. Amethyst is one of very few crystals that are naturally violet, and few other stones are as famous or distinctive. Found inside geodes and alluvial deposits throughout the world, amethyst stones can be created in both crystalline and massive forms. In addition to violet, amethyst stones can display a range of shades including lilac, lavender, and mauve. A top-quality amethyst stone is typically a deep or medium purple with rose-colored flashes. While the amount of iron contained in the gemstone accounts for the depth of purple, many amethyst stones on the market today are heat-treated to produce an even deeper color. The healing properties of...

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Three Benefits of Drinking Crystal-Infused Water

Using crystals to enhance and vitalize water is a practice that can be dated back to the Middle Ages and Ancient Greece. A variety of fascinating blends are available from VitaJuwel, and they are based on the insights of your favorite crystal healing pendants. Here are just a few of the reasons to get in on the modernized version of this age-old tradition. Better water qualityWater actually has a huge storage capacity, and it picks up all the electromagnetic frequencies that it comes in contact with before it reaches us. Just like how food loses value when it is processed, water loses quality when it is transported through pipes and treatment plants. However, when exposed to crystals, water is revitalized...

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Four Great Places to Meditate

Many of us spend so much time and energy focusing on the world around us that we neglect to discover our own feelings, thoughts, and desires. Meditation is our time away from daily stress often caused by work, traffic, family issues, and other factors. If you do incorporate meditation into your routine because you have yet to find the ideal location, here are some spots that may help you to find your zen. A garden, park, or your backyardStudies suggest that grounding – coming into contact with the earth – offers surprising benefits for both our mental and physical health. The fresh air, the sounds of the birds, and beautiful flowers or greenery are just some of the sanctuaries that...

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Four Things to Know About Guardian Angels

While their exact purpose is open to interpretation, it is commonly believed that guardian angels provide guidance, comfort, and good fortune to those whom they watch over. Many people of different faiths believe in them on some level and agree that guardian angel jewelry is a simple yet graceful way to share those beliefs. No matter where you may be on your journey, here are four important things to know about guardian angels. Your guardian angel chose youPart of why your guardian angel is so devoted to you is because they chose you. With heaven and Spirit itself as a witness, your guardian angel took a vow to stand by your side and guide you through life. They have been...

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December’s Birthstone: All about Turquoise

One of the three birthstones for the month of December, turquoise is a beautiful and enchanting gemstone enriched with cultural significance. It has been admired since ancient times and was one of the first gemstones to be mined and used in jewelry. Because trade routes that brought turquoise to Europe from the mines in central Asia went through Turkey, the gemstone earned its name from the French phrase Pierre turquoise, meaning “Turkish stone.” Turquoise is perhaps best known for its stunningly unique colors. The gemstone can be found as an opaque, light-to-dark blue or blue-green, with its most beautiful color being an intense blue. It often contains narrow views of other materials that are black or brown in color. Known...

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