February’s Birthstone: All about Amethyst

February’s birthstone, the purple amethyst, is recognized as the most valued type of quartz gemstone. Amethyst is one of very few crystals that are naturally violet, and few other stones are as famous or distinctive. Found inside geodes and alluvial deposits throughout the world, amethyst stones can be created in both crystalline and massive forms.

In addition to violet, amethyst stones can display a range of shades including lilac, lavender, and mauve. A top-quality amethyst stone is typically a deep or medium purple with rose-colored flashes. While the amount of iron contained in the gemstone accounts for the depth of purple, many amethyst stones on the market today are heat-treated to produce an even deeper color.

The healing properties of the amethyst stone have been valued since as early as 25,000 B.C. One of the most highly prized gemstones in the ancient world, amethyst continues to be cherished by many people today. The calming and meditative crystal healing stone promotes balance and peace and is commonly used to encourage patience. This makes it an ideal meditation tool, as amethyst can stimulate the crown chakra and calm your thoughts, allowing you to become in touch with yourself on a deeper level.

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