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How to Tap into Your Intuition

Your intuition can act as a reliable tool while making almost any decision in life. Whether it’s determining your purpose on this earth or trying to navigate your way through a new relationship, your intuition can act as your guide. However, some of us have been conditioned to put our intuitions aside and to rely on facts when it comes to making serious life decisions. While the facts are certain for many things we encounter, our intuition can provide us with signs before the facts present themselves. Keep reading to learn some ways in which you can practice listening carefully to your intuition. Put your gut feelings at the forefront Often, our intuition is like a gentle humming noise playing...

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November’s Birthstone: All about Topaz

November birthdays are associated with two gems: one of them being topaz, which is a symbol of love and affection. The stone’s name may originate from the Greek word topazos, which means “to seek”. However, some scholars trace the origin of the stone’s name to the word topas, which means “fire” in an ancient language of India. Topaz occurs in a wide range of colors, including blue, red, yellow, green, pink, and violet. It is a pleochloric gemstone, which means it can exhibit multiple colors when viewed at different angles. For example, a red topaz gemstone can reflect shades of dark red, yellow, and pink-ish red. A fairly common gemstone, topaz can be found in large and flawless crystals, which...

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Accessing Your Spiritual Connection (and Finding the Real You)

Finding your inner personal and spiritual association can be difficult in a world that is run through the hectic pace of electronics and constant outside noise. Connecting with your sacred spirit can be helpful in several ways, including making peace with your inner monologue, finding forgiveness for yourself or others, and opening yourself to the possibilities of new opportunities in your life. Here are a few great reasons to connect to your spirit so you can benefit in everyday life. Problem-Solving Do you ever feel stuck with making the “right” choice? Are you anxious about doing the wrong thing? Accessing your spiritual connection will help you to embrace your powers of decision-making so you can feel confident in your choices....

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October’s Birthstone: All about Tourmaline

Unlike most others, those born in October have the pleasure of enjoying two birthstones to commemorate their birth month. One of these stones is tourmaline, which name comes from the Sinhalese word for “mixed”.  As with opals (October’s other birthstone), tourmaline stones can show more than one color at a time in their stone structure. In fact, tourmaline stones exist in more colors (and color combinations) than any other gemstone in the world. They can be found in a variety of colors such as magenta, orange, yellow, green, blue, and black. However, the crystal structure can be complex, as a tourmaline stone must be cut precisely so that all the colors can be seen in one glimpse. Tourmalines are most...

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Find Personalized Gifts for Any Occasion with Angels & Emeralds

Whether it’s a holiday, graduation or a birthday, a personalized gift is a great way to show a loved one just how special they are. Gifting personalized jewelry from Angels & Emeralds is a perfect way to show your appreciation, and it can turn an average present into something meaningful that is cherished forever. There is much truth to the saying ‘It’s the thought that counts”! When a gift for a special woman has been custom-made or personalized, there is no doubt it will become a keepsake. Once a celebration has ended, she will go home and sort through her collection of new gifts. She will likely find items she already has plenty of, duplicate gifts, or gifts that simply...

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