How to Tap into Your Intuition

woman looking out into the sunsetYour intuition can act as a reliable tool while making almost any decision in life. Whether it’s determining your purpose on this earth or trying to navigate your way through a new relationship, your intuition can act as your guide. However, some of us have been conditioned to put our intuitions aside and to rely on facts when it comes to making serious life decisions. While the facts are certain for many things we encounter, our intuition can provide us with signs before the facts present themselves. Keep reading to learn some ways in which you can practice listening carefully to your intuition.

Put your gut feelings at the forefront
Often, our intuition is like a gentle humming noise playing in the back of our head. You can hear it lingering if you listen closely, but its soft enough for you to ignore it if you choose. This small noise or voice you may be hearing throughout your day is your intuition. Putting those feelings at the forefront of your mind can help you become more aware of what your intuition is trying to clue you in on.

Practice meditation
Practicing daily meditation can greatly help you tap into your intuition. By setting aside time to meditate every day, you can work toward clearing your mind and decluttering your intuition from your external environment.  Centering yourself every day in meditation can help you listen closely to what your intuition is saying.

Deepen your spiritual connection
Connecting to your guardian angel can help you navigate through to your intuition. If you are open enough, your Angel may send you subtle signs to help validate any intuitive hunches you may have.

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