Eye-Catching Crystal Gemstone Pendants

For hundreds if not thousands of years, cultures around the world have used gemstones to create distinctive pieces of jewelry. Some believed that certain gemstones held special powers, while others coveted them for their looks and value. Whatever your reasons for seeking gemstone jewelry, however, you're sure to find beautiful, high-end options in our shop, including:

  • Crystal Quartz: Balances the Spirit & Mind
  • Black Tourmaline: Grounds,Protects & repels negative energy
  • Emerald: Healing, Hope & Prosperity
  • Danburite: Let Go & Soothe away Stress
  • Selenite: Purity the Body, Mind, & Spirit

Along with these classic stones, we carry something truly unique: VitaJuwel gemstone water wands. These charming glass utensils are hollow and filled with distinctive gems and other materials. Each wand contains a different mix of stones and is intended to revitalize, purify, energize, and bring a host of positive benefits into your life.

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