Healing Is A Journey

The unique jewelry and selected products at Angels & Emeralds have been designed for you to make a spiritual connection with the angelic realm through the power of intention. The strength of your personal power is enhanced with the crystal gemstones of your choice or the ones that call to you the most. At times we are drawn to a particular stone without really understanding why, only to find out later that it holds properties to help us with exactly what we need in that particular moment in our life. These tools aid us with our soul mission, helping us keep faith and continue driving forward on our life journeys.

During her own personal experiences, founder and designer, Michele Gramesty, connected with the vibrational frequency of Archangel Raphael and was inspired to design the angel’s wing—the signature motif of her collection. The wing is a reminder that angels are always present to guide and protect you. Through working with Archangel Raphael’s healing and loving green light, Michele was guided to incorporate emeralds into her jewelry. This ancient stone of love and wisdom has mystified the world for over 4,000 years. It signifies perfect love and perfect trust, while possessing the virtue of protection. The emerald’s ability to open the heart for healing is what inspired Michele to add this mystical gemstone to her collection.

Opening our hearts is the key. It is where healing truly begins. This healing guides you on your life-path, for when you open your heart you invite the angel realm to help you on your journey. The emerald’s energy, along with the guidance of your guardian angels, magnifies your intention for manifesting the healing and love you desire.

Michele has specifically chosen sterling silver for her jewelry designs for its ability to conduct energy. Its silver ray is feminine in nature, so it’s no wonder that it relates to the lunar energies of Archangel Auriel. Silver is soothing, comforting and tranquil, while its light (like the light of the moon) illuminates and reflects energy, allowing us to see ourselves in a different light. The sterling silver in Angels & Emeralds jewelry assists in conducting the energy of the crystal gemstones and your intention, while being guided by your angels.

The Angels & Emeralds collection features gemstones such as Amethyst, Blue Topaz, Green Onyx, Crystal Quartz and Black Tourmaline, with many more to be added. Each has its own unique energy to help you connect with your inner power and manifest what you most need on your journey. Each crystal gemstone also bears its own special affirmation to help direct its energy with your intention. For more information on the properties of these crystal gemstones, click here.

May you continue your journey with Peace, Love & Light.

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