Crystal Cleansing & Jewelry Care

Cleansing and Charging of Your Crystal Gemstones and Jewelry
Frequent cleaning and charging of your gemstones & sterling silver is recommended to maintain their true beauty and keep you crystal gemstones working at optimal efficiency.

Charging your crystal gemstones
Our recommendations are as follows:

  1. Setting your crystals and jewelry under running water for several minutes help the stones to regenerate their energy. We recommend also placing them in moonlight for a few hours. While some suggest sunlight, we recommend NOT leaving your sterling silver in the sun as extreme sun exposure can damage the jewelry.
  1. Smoking your crystal gemstones or jewelry with sage is another option. Sage is a purifier that has been used for centuries and works extremely well for clearing negative energies. Burn your sage in a bowl and hold your stones or jewelry over the smoke while setting the intention of purifying and recharging the energy of your stones and jewelry.
  1. Another option is to fill a bowl or small tray with raw brown rice, in which to lay your jewelry and crystal gemstones overnight. I personally like to set my jewelry on top of my amethyst cluster overnight. The amethyst will absorb any negative energy and recharge your crystal gemstones and jewelry. You will have to cleanse your amethyst cluster by soaking it in water with crystal sea salt, then place it in the sun for about an hour (no more than two). (Note to Loren: Link to amethyst clusters that we sell).

Cleaning Your Sterling Silver
It is important to keep your silver away from harsh creams, soaps and salts. We recommend that while you are not wearing your jewelry, wrap it in a soft cloth and store it in a plastic zip-lock bag, which keeps the air out and prevents tarnishing.

For cleaning and restoring its brilliant shine, purchase a silver polish “soft-cloth” for jewelry.

Programing and Activating Your Jewelry and Crystal Gemstones after Cleaning
This ritual is important because it programs your jewelry with your specific intention. For example, when you wear our Blue Topaz Crystal Gemstone Healing Necklace, set an intention for peace and light throughout your day. You can use the affirmation we provide for this necklace, “My mind, body & spirit are at peace & my heart is light,” or create one of your own. Knowing more about the properties of your crystal gemstones will help to program your jewelry or stones with particular intentions. Click here for more information on the crystal gemstones on our site. Once you have decided on your intentions, simply place your jewelry or stones in your hands and state your affirmation out loud. It is a good idea to start simply by stating “I program this crystal for…” then state your intention. Since our words carry powerful vibrations for manifestation into the universe, we suggest stating your affirmations aloud.

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