Vitajuwel Gemstone Water Wands

Have you ever heard someone describe him- or herself as “living in a high vibration” and wondered what it means, how to achieve it and what it takes to maintain it?

Everything in the Universe is made up of energy vibrating at particular frequencies. Like sound waves, you can’t see them but you know they are there carrying messages from one point to another. Your words thoughts and actions are energies creating your reality. Life--being the karmic cycle that it is—always finds a way to give back to you what you send out. Therefore, if your energy is low, the vibrations you send out will create a ripple effect of imbalances in your life. If, however, you can achieve and maintain a positive state of being and vibrate higher, then you send vibrations of love and light to the world and invite love and light back into your life.  

So, how do you achieve a state of higher vibrational living? INTENTION, VISUALIZATION and REPETITION. Make a conscious choice for a healthier, happier life by seeing love & light in everyone and everything. Begin each day by reciting the affirmation “I live in love & light.” Visualize yourself connected to all things and view everyone with love and compassion, including people and circumstances that pose challenges to you, as everyone is operating from their current level of awareness and understanding.

At Angels & Emeralds we have carefully designed and selected jewelry and home décor that is not only visually stunning, but also helps you create an environment of peace, healing and beauty. By reciting the accompanying affirmations, the energies in these tools are released and then guided by the angels to assist you in raising your personal vibration and manifesting positive outcomes in your life.

It is time to align with the natural rhythms of life. Join those who are vibrating higher and surround yourself with love & light. Browse our collection of jewelry and home décor to find the pieces that speak to you.
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